Review: Spiraling by H. L. Karhoff

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Fifteen-year-old Tori Douglas is not the happiest girl in town. She’s no one in school, her father represents himself in the form of money and her stepfather is always yelling at her. And now that she’s starting to like a boy for real, Devon, things are only getting worse. Her family and friends think Devon is a bad influence on her but she’s not having it. For her, he’s the one. 

This was a really nice surprise! Completly unexpected, if I’m honest. Because this is a pretty unknown author (for now at least), and so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into!

Tori is a good kid. She’s not dramatic but most of all she’s kind to the ones she loves which is a helluva more than I can say about her parents who I completely hated! Especially her stepfather! They’re not abusive but they’re not living either!


Regarding Devon, there’re still a lot of secrets to be revealed! We don’t know him that well by the end of the book; there’s not much about his parents or about the fact that he’s living with his sister without any kind of support from their parents. But that was all part of the story because, after the way the book ended, I’m saying the best is yet to come in this series! Here’s hoping the next book is in Devon’s POV!

spiralling 2

Now, the reason why I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to new authors (or at least, the ones that I don’t know of): the writing style. Because patience is not my forte, I like a fast-paced story, with dialogues for days and only few-next-to-none descriptions. And this book ticks all the boxes! So yeah, I’m pretty happy that Karhoff asked me read the book and I’m recommending it to anyone who likes a young adult book about a bad boy and a goody-goody girl.

Oh, and the cliffhanger ?! Totally unexpected!

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