Review: When you knew by Jamie Beck


Gentry had to put a stop on her party life so she could be a mother. But the truth is, she can’t do it all alone. Her job, the baby and the house are just way too much for just one mother!  So she needs help. Someone who can take care of her baby whilst she works! And that’s when Ian comes in handy. He’s temporarily in the states trying to raise money for his project in Haiti so the opportunity to get a fat check just to take care of a baby, something that he’s used to, seems like the perfect thing. The plan is: he’ll be living at Gentry’s to take care of baby Colt and then he’ll go back to Haiti. Seems easy right?

This is going straight to my emotional shelf! Such a sweet and real story! I’m a huge fan of Beck’s work even though I’m just familiar with this series but, trust me, this series is more than enough to make you fall in love with her love stories!

For those who read All we knew, Gentry is Hunter’s half-sister. In the previous book, we knew that she got pregnant, but since she wasn’t interested in motherhood, at first she was going to let Sara and Hunter adopt her baby. Until she decided she was actually keeping the baby! Well, in this book, we see how that worked.

And the truth is, she loves her son more than anything in the world and her biggest fear is to, somehow, be a bad mother to her baby. She’s a tough one: she’s pretty upfront about what she wants and has no problem saying exactly what she’s thinking.

On the other hand, Ian is more reserved. He’s very careful with what he says and with his actions. And unlike Gentry, he’s not someone who smiles at everything. He saw some pretty bad things in Haiti that made him, let’s just say, less relaxed. But he’s not traumatized or something.

The deal between them is: she wants him and the fact that he has a validation date is a plus; he also wants her but he knows he’s leaving for Haiti and it seems wrong to start something with her when he knows he’s leaving her behind. Because the truth is, not going back to Haiti was never an option.

Overall this is an amazing book! Just the fact that it features a baby is usually enough to make a fan but the truth is that the entire story is delicious. We’re used to female nannies and how they get so attached to the baby, so this was a clever and fun turnaround. And emotional! Reeeeeally emotional!

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