Review: The real deal by Lauren Blakely

The Real Deal: A Novel by [Blakely, Lauren]


April is going home for a family reunion but she can’t go without a date. Otherwise, all her uncles are going to try and set her up with a good man from her hometown which is something she’s not interested in after her lying ex. So she needs someone to pretend to be her boyfriend so her family will be off of her back!

Theo’s dark days are over. Now he’s trying to stay clean by bartending and being your pretend boyfriend every other time. He’s still paying his debts so a gig for a few days to pretend to be April’s boyfriend is just what he needs. But don’t forget, it’s just pretending!

“Looks like I’ll be getting familiar with how to resist temptation.”

I was twenty pages in and I was already like “Ohhh I don’t want this to end”. This is contemporary romance at its finest!

“I want this woman more than I want to stay away from her.”

April is a modern woman: she left her hometown to go to the city and work on her dreams. Now she’s a body painter and life couldn’t be better if you don’t count the fact that she’s on a men diet thanks to her ex. Overall she’s a fresh person, always with a smile on her face and pretty much happy with her life!

Theo is a little less smiley since he’s still trying to keep up with what life threw at him. His parents died when he was just a kid so he and his brother had to do what they could to afford college which ended up driving them to jail.

“Oh hell.
I know why I want her to be happy.
I’m falling for her.”


Highlights of the book? Their foreplay! They’re always talking about things that happened to them in their fake relationship but sometimes they get so into it that they forget they weren’t actually together and those things actually never happened. You know when you’re reading something and you’re like “Isn’t it hot in here?”? That’s exactly how they felt when they were talking about their fake memories.

“Do you remember that time we met and fell in love in just four days?”

I really really loved this! It’s a fresh story with fresh and young characters and some sexy scenes. It’s nothing revolutionary so you already know how it goes but it isn’t any less good because of that.

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