Book review: Making Chase by Lauren Dane


Matt Chase wants what all his brother have: true love. Flings with some of the shallow women he’s been with are not fulfilling anymore. He wants someone to make him laugh and to build a life with. And that’s where Tate Murphy comes in…
Tate has been raising her siblings since her teen years and although Matt is exactly the man of her dreams she knows he’s never going to look at her twice. She’s not skinny and rich like the women he uses to have on his arm.

This is a really fast love, which is not really my thing. His interest for her is way too sudden which made me reticent about the story right from the beginning.

Matt: I’ll describe him real fast since I have so much to say about Tate. He’s a firefighter, good-looking and sweet.

Now, Tate: she’s really defensive and always ready to put you in your place if you so much as try to help her. She’s not used to it. She’s a strong woman who fought a lot to get her and her family to where they’re now. And her character would be just perfect if she wasn’t so victimized! They victimize a lot her which I, as a woman, really didn’t like to see. For everyone around her, she does no wrong. And I’m sorry if you’re going to be offended by what I’m about to say (write actually) but even when you hit rock bottom, you make mistakes as well and you’re still wrong sometimes. Which brings me to something else…

The story just keeps repeating itself over and over again. She’s never wrong so she’s always the one getting mad at something. So the deal is: she gets mad and he professes his love for her so she can forgive him for whatever reason made her mad in the first place. Which is tiring trust me!

On the bright side, family is the key word of this book! We have two big and strong families who come together to strengthen their love. Sometimes they fight and sometimes they fight together. The truth is, in my point of view, they’re the center of the book instead of the love story and if you’re more focused on them instead of the couple, you’ll probably going to enjoy the book a lot more.

If you’re a fan of love at first sight then, by all means, enjoy the book! But this really didn’t hit home for me. I really enjoyed the previous book of the series  Taking Chase, so it’s safe to say that you can still enjoy the rest of the series with no worries.

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