Review: I am Ed by R. Akerlund

I Am Ed by [Akerlund, R.A.]


Sixteen-year-old Ed Henderson just lost his mother. With that, he’s now responsible for his three younger siblings, fighting to keep the family together even though he’s not even old enough to do so. To keep them away from bad places he starts teaching them how to play different instruments and, in no time, they’re a real band. In the meantime, he’s well on the way to being a dad with the woman who was once his true love.

Is he going to survive all of this?

Honestly, at first this wasn’t keeping me glued like I would have liked but through the first few chapters, I began to get really interested in the story. Ed found Veronica and he was doing everything he could to keep her out of the sight of her abusive father, all of that whilst working and taking care of his siblings. So yeah, not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed their romantic story. Until there wasn’t a romantic relationship anymore!

The Hendersons become the biggest thing out there and from that on, there’s nothing good happening. Drugs, music, problems; drugs, music, problems… on and on and on. That’s all there is to it. Oh, the freaking cherry on top of the cake:

SPOILER (please don’t read the italic text if you don’t want to read this): there’s serious cheating in this book. Like, right-in-your-face, months-long, sex-in-between kind of cheating. Which, for me, is just disgusting. And there’s just no way I’m gonna like a book that features this. I know this is just a book and the loser is just a freaking character but I really don’t care about any of that because I felt bad whilst reading the book. Like, I was painfully cringing every time this situation came up. Honestly couldn’t wait for it to be over. Also, there’s no happy ending here. 

So, regarding the storyline, that’s all I have to say. Anyhow, not gonna lie, the writing style is quite good. It’s fluid and not boring and has a lot of dialogue to go with it. So that’s something that I need to have in consideration because this is my first book by Akerlund, so her other storylines are probably better, which means that her other books can also be good.

I honestly feel like this book had so much potential. I was genuinely enjoying the beginning of the book but then things turned south and I just couldn’t connect with the characters. At least, not with Ed. Given this, all I’m saying is: if what I briefly explained in the spoiler section is something you’re ok with, then this book will probably be a go for you. If not, then I’m not recommending you this.

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I am Ed

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