Review: Fool me forever by Ainslie Paton

Fool Me Forever (The Confidence Game) by [Paton, Ainslie]


Halsey Sherwood, on the outside a con artist, on the inside a fair man that takes from the evil and gives to those in need.

He’s good at creating spreadsheets and adding numbers but this time he has to do more. He has to go to places and be a little more human than a computer. Something that he’s not really good at but Lenore is. The woman who hates what he does for a living.

This is sweet and sexy and just so what I needed to compose myself after a bad read!

Halsey is like shyly charming. He’s really good to look at according to Lenore but he’s not cocky or over-confident. If you forget the fact that he’s an Excel boy, he’s just perfect you know. He worries a lot about what she thinks of him and if any of his actions can possibly hurt her. He just has her on his mind at all times and us ladies just love all that thoughtfulness!

Lenore also has two sides. When she’s working she’s fierce and secure and takes no bullshit from anyone. Outside of work, she’s kind of insecure when it comes to her feelings, body, and mind basically. After her father being arrested, her family is a complete nightmare which doesn’t help whatsoever.

Together they’re adorable while trying to take the bad people down. Really, they’re impossibly adorable!

“I’m not ready to give you up, Lenny. I like myself so much more when I’m with you.”

This is a new author for me but I’m adding Paton to my favorite author’s list for sure. Her writing style is simple and fun and really enjoyable.

Honestly, you have to read this! Fool me forever is an adorable enemies-to-lovers romance showcasing two people that hate each other fight for the same purpose and falling in love in the process. Highly recommend it! 

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Fool Me Forever   (The Confidence Game #2)
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One Night Wife (The Confidence Game) by [Paton, Ainslie]Fool Me Forever (The Confidence Game) by [Paton, Ainslie]

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