Review: Cut and Run by Mary Burton


Macy wants to know who killed her father. To do that, contacting her father’s pathologist, Faith McIntyre, seems to be the first step. Until she realizes that Faith looks exactly like her. In order to better understand her father’s death and her connection to Faith she goes to Texas but before she can do any real investigation she gets run by a car, ending up close to death.
Ater that it’s time for Faith and Texas ranger Mitchell Hayden do their own investigation. Trying to connect the dots that Macy left behind leads them to a place where three women that disappeared thirty years ago were buried.

I’ve been drowning myself in contemporary romances for the last six years and I finally decided that enough was enough and read a thriller. Imagine me, reading a thriller. I was so out of my comfort zone I thought I would get lost. But I didn’t and I actually loved the book!

I went into this with a completely open mind, with no expectations whatsoever. But, not gonna lie, I was really happy when I sensed romance in the book. So here’s how this romantic suspense went down!

So, pathologist Faith McIntyre has known her whole life that she was adopted but she never really did anything about it. But that changes the moment that Macy Crow appears in her life.

Macy Crow, also aware of the fact that she, too, is adopted, is in town investigating her father’s death. To start off, she searches the pathologist that examined her father’s body, finding someone that looks exactly like her. But before she can do something about it she’s hit by a car and taken to the hospital close to dying.

From that on, Faith, along with Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden, is the one investigating Macy’s accident and Jack’s death that leads them to a country ranch where they find a series of remains that belong to three women that disappeared thirty years ago.

I really enjoyed this book! The story is just amazing and I think the author’s writing style helped a lot. The story is perfectly paced which just keeps you glued, anticipating their next move and the next murder!

This is not a character-focused kind of book, seeing as you don’t know the real mastermind behind it all until the very end. At least I couldn’t find a lot of depth relating Faith or any of the other characters. But honestly, I think what we know is enough. She loves her work and is not really worried about her love life.

And speaking of love life, if you’re not a fan of romance don’t worry. For most of the time, there’s nothing between Faith and Hayden besides sex. They’re not fond of feelings or kisses or anything that a normal couple would do.

But, the best part of the book is by far the mystery. You won’t know who’s the bad guys are even if you try really really hard. Better yet, you won’t figure out their motives because the people who know something about the murders are getting killed, one by one.

I honestly admire thrillers’ authors. They build such a complex plot with such different and strong characters. And in the end, all the pieces fit together like a really dark puzzle.

All in all, Cut and Run is an impressive thriller with a tense yet happy ending. Ideal for all romantic suspense fans that enjoy just a touch of romance and a lot of murders, plot twists, and a never-ending-suspense.

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Cut and Run


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