Review: He loves you not by Tara Brown

He Loves You Not (Serendipity Book 2) by [Brown, Tara]


Lacey Winters has her summer all figured out. Work all summer whilst trying to keep up with her rich friends. Until her family finds out that her brother has cancer and one job is not enough, and keeping up with her rich friends is also impossible. In a time of desperate need, she and her brother come up with a business idea to earn easy money: create a secret company that tests boyfriends for their fidelity or infidelity. And guess what? Her first job is to test the guy that is interested in her: Jordan Somersby, the hottest rich boy around.
They both get tied up in the middle of lies and chaos and family drama, making it harder and harder for them to be together.

“Adding the fact that I couldn’t have her made me want her even more.”

This was a really nice surprise.

Jordan is in the middle of a family crisis. His father needs to make a new deal with a rich family, but to get the man’s attention, he wants Jordan to date the daughter of his partner-to-be. The problem is, he’s really not interested in her. All he thinks about is Lacey and all he wants is Lacey. No more, no less. So he does everything he can to be with her and to be worthy of her.

On the other hand, Lacey has other things to think about, like the fact that her brother was diagnosed with cancer. And that, to help her family pay for his treatments and still have money for college, she needs to get another job besides her internship. And what I mean with this is, she doesn’t have the time to think or worry about a boyfriend.

” I want to date and be together and win you over. Please forgive me.”

Besides the obvious love story between Jordan and Lacey, there’s also something that I really loved and that is the Test Dummies. Because of two main things: the suspense it brought t the story and how close it is to reality. The first point is, you never know what’s going to happen when she’s going to test a guy, if he’s going to be the man he should be or if he’s going to fall for it. The second point is that this shows a lot about fidelity and infidelity and shows us, women, that, yes there’re a lot of o men incapable of keeping it in their pants, but that there are also men that are trustworthy and worthy of our love.

Tara Brown is a new author for me but I’m in love. Just added her to my favorite author’s list actually.

He Loves You Not is an emotional, cute and endearing young adult romance coming your way.  A great way to get introduced to Tara Brown if you’re not a fan of hers yet. 

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