Review: A brand new ending by Jennifer Probst


Ten years ago they ran away together to Hollywood to chase their dreams. The same dreams that kept them apart for eight long years. Ophelia’s dream didn’t work out but Kyle’s did. So she came back home without so much as a goodbye and started running her mother’s B&B. And now he’s back, asking for a second chance.

So this is the kind of second chance romance that you can’t just not love. Believe me, you can try your hardest, you won’t dislike A Brand New Ending.

I loved Kyle. Like, big time. I mean, how can you not love a man that is writing a book about his love that he lost and wants back? You can’t! Besides that, he’s kind of a man that always says the sweetest things. It’s like every time he’s talking he’s writing a book. He’s really charming and sexy and most of all caring. He always wanted to be a writer and he worked hard towards his dream and now he’s really successful.


Ophelia is more of a hometown girl. Even though at the time they ran away she wanted to be a singer, her life back in Hollywood was not a good experience so she lost the desire to be a famous singer. At the time Kyle was not really supporting her since his life in Hollywood was great, and so she came back home to run her mom’s B&B and now she’s really happy doing that. The only missing part to a puzzle of happiness is Kyle, the only man she ever really loved.

Their current situation is pretty much him groveling hard, trying to get on her good side. So just imagine, both living under the same roof for a few months. She thinks they won’t even see each other living at the B&B but we all know that’s not true.

Fun, emotional and sweet – all the things a second-chance romance needs. This is a perfect winter read. Highly recommend it!

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