Review: Lost with me by J. Kenner


Nikki and Damien have been living the happiest of lives, from the love of their daughters to the passion between their sheets, there’s nothing that could break the Stark Family. Or perhaps it could. When secrets and dangers start rising, they have to put their life on the line for their family and pray for all to be alright in the end.

First things first, let’s clear some issues. Am I tired of Damien and Nikki’s story? Hell no! Did I miss Nikki and Damien? Hell yes! I know some people have had enough of this story but to all the people out there that, like me, loooooove their story, here’s to another amazing book!

This book starts off probably two years after Anchor Me, I think. Their youngest daughter, Anne, is now two and their oldest, Lara, is four years old. Nikki is opening a new office for her team and Damien is, well, Damien is running his billionaire universe as usual.

“Even after so many years together – even after two children and sleepless nights and toddler tantrums – it only takes a word from Damien to melt me.”

I don’t know exactly how to explain this but, for those of you who are familiar with their story, this is kind of no different from the previous books but at the same time, totally different. What I mean is, as usual, there’s someone trying really hard to ruin their perfect life, and that’s basically the part that we’re used to. But what it is totally different in this book is their family. We’re only used to being Nikki and Damien, but now we also have two little girls, so their dynamic is a little different. So, if you’re worried that this book will be the exact same thing of the last two books, don’t worry, it’s not.


What still does not disappoints is their need for each other. Nikki always goes to Damien when life is too hard on her and in Lost With Me it’s no different. And here I feel like I should warn you of Nikki’s vulnerability in this book. We already know that she’s kind of needy and I know that that’s something that bothers some of the female readers because Nikki can be seen as a weak character.

Sex scenes are still a hit in this book, although they’re rarer than in the previous books I would say. They’re also less descriptive but there’s still a lot of teasing, enough to keep your sexy mind happy!

Honest to god, when I was reading the book, through one of their hardest times I thought to myself “I wish I could see Damien’s POV on this”. Because he’s so intense and keeps so many secrets from Nikki that I really wanted to see what went through his head in some specific moments. So you don’t know how happy I got when I got to the end of the book and read Damien’s book’s blurb coming out January 2019. Seriously, I’m dying here!

For those who never heard of Damien’s and Nikki’s story, you should check my previous reviews of the books Release meClaim meComplete me and Anchor me.

I read this in like, five hours, give or take. The suspense works like perfect glue, you won’t be abandoning the book until you’re finished, trust me! Overall this is a perfect addition to the series, full of love, sexy with some heart-wrenching moments and a mystery to solve! Highly recommend the entire series!

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Lost With Me (Stark Trilogy, #5)

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