Review: The memory of you by Jamie Beck

The Memory of You (Sanctuary Sound Book 1) by [Beck, Jamie]


Ten years ago Steffi left Ryan and her hometown behind so she could explore what life could give her. Now, ten years later, she’s back home trying to get her life back on track after going through a brutal assault. Along with her roommate, she’s running a remodeling business and her most recent job is on Ryan’s mother’s house. Which is completely fine because he’s now a married man, living in Boston with his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

Or maybe not… because he’s actually back.

I don’t know how Jamie does it, but I cry with every story she writes. She has a way with words! Seriously, sometimes I think I can feel my heart hurting!

This is a character-focused kind of story, mainly about Steffi. She went through a lot of bad stuff: lost her mom when she was young and was brutally assaulted which left her with some very much deep scars, inside and out. She has a lot of memory lapses and can’t really remember what happened when she was assaulted. Besides that, sometimes she zones-out, going back in her head to the moment she was assaulted, but as soon as she gets back to reality, she can’t remember what she just remembers. Too confusing? Well, imagine living inside her head.

I really liked her story because, with Steffi’s character, Jamie went about some serious problems that a lot of people, especially women, go through. I can’t tell you exactly what the main issue is because that would be a major spoiler, but all I can say is that it is a very real problem and that it is really well written, meaning, you won’t get uncomfortable reading about it.

The only thing that wasn’t exactly how I would like it to be was the end of the book. I think the final part could have been a lot more developed and to a deeper level. The way they uncover the main issue and how they dealt with them is way too quick. At least for me anyway.

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The Memory of You (Sanctuary Sound, #1)

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