Review: Exclusive/ A touch of heaven


Exclusive is all about a worldwide famous mystery writer who managed to keep his identity unknown but now wants to be interviewed by Taylor. The magazine where she works got a contract detailing how she would have to go to his place for two whole weeks to do the interview. But when she gets there, it’s not the mysterious Jonathan Wade she finds, it’s Mike, her long lost friend who’s also the author’s assistant.

A Touch of Heaven features Regan and Sawyer. Regan’s mother won a home makeover which is something that Regan is not really happy about because it’s just one more thing helping her mother sell her childhood home. She hates losing that house and hates even more the man changing it, Sawyer Bennet.

So, in case you’re confused like I was, these are two completely different and independent stories. You can read just one of them or you can read both if you fancy it without a specific order. They’re kind of two short stories. Which are perfect for those days where you have a few hours free and you want something to make you happy without compromising do a deep and dramatic story. This is light, cute, sexy and fast!

All that I would advise you was to not expect something really elaborate because that is not the intent of any of these stories.

Exclusive is a second-chance romance whilst A Touch of Heaven is an enemies-to-lovers romance but they are both pretty simple yet engaging. If I had to choose, I would say that A Touch of Heaven is my favorite mainly because of its ending. It’s just so endearing and perfect!

Between the second chance romance and the enemies-to-lovers story, Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven is an easy, fast and most of all endearing read! Recommend it to any fan of short romance stories. 

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