Review: Lovely little liar by J. Kenner

Lovely Little Liar (Blackwell-Lyon Book 1) by [Kenner, J.]


Pierce likes women. It’s just something that he can’t deny. So on yet another date created by an app, he finds himself in front of the best pair of legs he has ever seen. Only to then find out that she was not the woman he was supposed to meet with, but someone looking to hire his security services. However, he can’t forget her or ignore the fact that she might actually be in danger. So he follows her, promising himself that he just wants her for a night and then it will be all about business. But he knows pretty well that one night with her will never be enough.

So, let’s cut the chase. It’s J. Kenner we’re talking about here. So it’s obvious that the book was simply awesome. As usual. So if you’re a fan of her work, you can just go straight to the bottom of this page and add the book to your TBR.

If you’re new here and you don’t know Kenner’s work let me do the honors: her books are sexy, her characters are intense, her writing style is very simple and the storyline is always, and I mean always, engaging.

This is a short story. You can read this book in less than 3 hours. The storyline is not something that we haven’t read before but who cares? It’s still amazing! At first, Pierce only wants her for a night, then he’s more focused on getting hired to be her and her sister’s security, and finally, he wants forever. They both have a few issues due to previous relationships keeping them from giving in without a second thought.

So, I highly recommend it if you’re already a fan or even if you don’t even know who J. Kenner is because since it is a pretty short story you can get a good look at her style without losing too much time.

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Lovely Little Liar (Blackwell-Lyon Book 1)
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