Review: Christmas ever after by Sarah Morgan


Alec and Skylar? They hate each other. But that’s not important when Alec finds Skylar alone and hurt. He takes her in and takes care of her, ending up with her at his family’s house for Christmas. With that, they start knowing each other better, understanding that maybe what they thought they knew about each other wasn’t true. And that maybe together, they could have a Christmas ever after.

I’m the biggest fan of Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year, every little thing in December makes me the happiest. And I’m embarrassed to say that I never brought two of my favorite things together: books and Christmas. I know I’ve read some holiday-themed books but it was just a handful of them and they weren’t that great because I can’t even remember them.

But I decided to end that by reading a ton of Christmas romances this year, starting off with a Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan. And I absolutely loved it. It just features my dream Christmas and it shows how little things can be so meaningful.

His voice was soft but firm. “Don’t ever apologize for being who you are.”

So, Skylar just ended her relationship with her boyfriend after he proposed in from of everyone.  So all she wants is to have a good time with someone who apparently has a lot in common with her and who appreciates her presence. If that involves some activities between the sheets, well, that’s even better. Alec also shares her opinion on their no-strings relationship. After a marriage that went down so badly, he’s not open to a serious relationship. I think the way Morgan developed the characters was amazing! They’re feel real and their feelings were completly credible.

Overall they are sexy (really!), they’re cute and both of them are really thoughtful (guess that’s something that every creative person is actually). And the story is so so perfect! You can easily read this in one day as you can read it as a standalone. Morgan’s writing style is impeccable, yet simple and clear and so so adorable. As usual the sex scenes are really well written and the sad ones are even better (I cried, as per usual)!

Highly recommend this to any fan of Christmas romances or enemies-to-lovers as well  – if you’re only a fan of the holiday-themed content, just be aware that contemporary romance plays a big role in this story.

“With a body like yours, I’m willing to ignore the flaws in your personality.”

Christmas Ever After (Puffin Island, #3)

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