Review: Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber


Merry’s life has been all about her job. Thanks to her demanding boss, she’s working 10 hours a day and because of that, she doesn’t have the time to have any kind of social life. To remedy that, her mother and brother sign her up on an online dating website. She’s mad at first, but seeing as they used a photo of their dog instead of one of hers, she’s not worried, thinking that no one would be interested in dating a dog. Until someone actually does, and she finds out that someone is actually her boss. The man that has a rule against Christmas decorations in the office and then is the sweetest when chatting online with her. How will she mix the two together?

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I’m starting to think that I love every holiday-themed romance! Honestly, Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan was a hit for me, but this one is just about as good! This story is sweeter and touches some more important issues than Morgan’s book though.

“Christmas is a condition of the heart.”

The first issue is down syndrome. Merry’s brother has down syndrome, which was a first for me  (a character with down syndrome that is) and it was just amazing. Seeing the little gestures that the family does so he doesn’t feel different or ignored. It was all really well put together!

This is the rich falls in love with the average kind of romance. So we have Merry representing the average. She’s giving, and caring and a strong believer that Christmas is a time where people feel happier. And then we have Jayson, representing the rich. Contrary to Mary, he’s completely oblivious to the Christmas magic and firm believer that real love is a myth after witnessing his parents marry a ton of times.


But then he starts to talk to Merry online without knowing that she’s actually the same Merry that works for him (they have a problem spelling her name in the office so he thinks she’s Mary and not Merry), and he starts seeing things in a different way. He starts thanking people more, being more appreciative of their effort in the office and things like that. He turns into a softie let’s just say!

“His heart wanted Mary.  And then it wanted Merry.”

Overall, loooooooved the story! Highly recommend it as a cozy and heartwarming holiday-themed romance! This is not the ideal book if you’re looking for a sexy story though.

Merry and Bright
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