About me


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Just to let you know, if my English is not perfect, my excuse is that I’m Portuguese! I’m 23 years old and although I would love it if my life was all about books, it’s not, because I’m also an engineer from 8am to 5pm on weekdays!

I’ve been reading books like a mad person since 2013, but I only started writing my reviews in the beginning of 2017. At the time I posted them on my Goodreads profile but then I decided to create my own space in the beginning of 2018, this blog.

My favorite genre is, without a doubt, contemporary romance but, please, don’t ever ask me to choose a favorite book! That’s just not doable!



I am lucky enough to read and review some of the most anticipated romance books thanks to all the authors and publishers who have kindly given me their books in exchange for my honest review. I run this blog on my own so all the content and designs that you will find here were created solely by me.

That being said, I do accept review requests and everything you need to know about that is available on my Review Policy page.




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