Review: One more moment by Samantha Chase

One More Moment (Shaughnessy Brothers: Band on the Run) by [Chase, Samantha]


Rockstar drummer Julian Grayson went for coffee and forgot his wallet. No big deal. Until Charlotte offers to pay for his coffee and he gets furious. All he can think about is that she probably recognized him and his paying his coffee in exchange for something. The thing is, she has no idea who he is or why he’s reacting so strange, but he doesn’t correct her. He plays along as soon as he realizes that she’s different, and he likes it. A lot.

If you’re having a bad day please do yourself a favor and read this book! You won’t regret it and you’ll just end up with a smile on your face! Guaranteed! 

Julian is the center of the story. He’s a drummer at Shaughnessy, a pretty famous band of four friends. Three months ago he ended his relationship with his fiancé by showing a video of her cheating on him on their wedding ceremony, no less! After that, he took three months off for himself to forget the fact that he was famous and that now, everyone knows his fiancé was cheating on him. And now that he´s back he just wants to have a normal life without all the chaos that comes with the band and its exposure.

And exactly on his first day back he goes for coffee and forgets his wallet, and that’s where Charlotte comes in. Because she’s a social worker she likes to help, so she offers to pay for his coffee which is surprisingly not something he appreciates. And why? Because he thinks she recognized him and is just paying his coffee to then ask for a picture or an autograph.

So they meet and they have a rocky start thanks to his stubbornness and pride. But after a while, he recognizes her good intentions and they start a cute friendship that eventually leads to a relationship. And even though he’s super cute and tender and loving with her, he’s always a little cautious due to the deep scars that his ex-fiancé left. He has some trouble trusting people and he’s not interested in playing in the band again (since his ex-fiance was cheating on him with people from the same industry) even though he can’t be fully happy without it.

But honestly, for most of the time, they are the cutest couple ever! Living by the beach! Seriously dreamy!

If you read the previous books of the series, you will be happy to know that this book showcases a lot of the series’ characters. If you, like me, haven’t read the rest of the series, you will be happy to know that, by the time you finish this book, you, like me, will want to devour the previous books!

Overall, if you’re a fan of the sweeter side of romance without all the sex, this is just perfect. Trust me, when it comes to sweet romances, this hits all the spots! Heartwarming, addictive and impossibly beautiful are the words to describe One More Moment! Highly recommend it!

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Samantha Chase

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Review: Hollywood heir by Ruth Cardello

Hollywood Heir (Westerly Billionaire Book 4) by [Cardello, Ruth]


Sage likes to help people and that’s her job. She goes around town, finds someone in a bad place and helps them get better by using plants. And Eric seems to be one of those. Every day he sits by in the coffee shop alone with an unhappy attitude. So she can’t help it, she has to help him or at least try.
But Eric’s not up for it. All he wants is to be left alone and pretend he’s not an Hollywood actor just out of rehab. But at the same time, he can’t ignore her, or her looks.

So sad I finished this book. I really wanted to read about their story for a few more days but I just couldn’t help it and so I devoured the book.

Sage is a free spirit. She’s kind of a do-gooder only she’s realistic. She actually helps people and she actually does it with her best intentions. Which is refreshing in Eric’s eyes. He’s used to people coming to him for something given his career and status so it’s only natural that he falls in love with the woman that doesn’t even know him but still wants to help him get better. At the same time he struggles with it because he’s still trying to find his way back after rehab and he really wants to be the better version of himself before starting something with her and then hurt her. So they basically get to a point where they play the pull and push game until things go south and they really have to take the bull by the horns.

Good news to those who read and loved the previous books of the series: all member of the Westerly family somehow make their appearance in this book. Which, for those who did not read the previous books of the series (like me), might be enough to make you want to read them (again, like me!). Either way, this is a standalone so you don’t need to read any of the previous books to read this one.

Overall, I highly recommend this book! Hollywood Heir is a simple yet fulfilling story.  With a rich-falls-in-love-with-the-average thread, this is my favorite book to date by Ruth Cardello. If you’re looking for an easygoing, happy, sometimes emotional and certainly beautiful story, this is it.

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Ruth Cardello


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Review: Smoke and mirrors series by Jodi Ellen Malpas

His True Queen (Smoke & Mirrors Duology Book 2) by [Malpas, Jodi Ellen]


We all know the royals and their luxury lives. What we don’t know is all the secrets and lies that they keep hidden by smoke and mirrors.
Adeline is the princess of England but she never really felt like it. She hates their rules and the fact that everyone gets to decide everything about her life, including the man she should marry.
She hates it, even more, when she finds someone she really wants to be with ut can’t: Josh Jameson. An american Hollywood actor who has everything to be disliked by the king: he’s not royal and he’s not even English. But he’s everything the princess ever wanted…

So the first book is kind of introductory. You meet them ad their lives. You see how good they are together and you see their love grow. But the truth is, there’s nothing really thrilling happening in the first book if you don’t count their sexual encounters (slightly kinky, might I add).

But wait, don’t give up just yet because all the juicy bits are in the second book…

Lies, power, deaths and more lies. The second book of the series is the real deal. Something really big happens in the transition of the first book to the second one, and from that on, there’s no stopping. They uncover a lot of secrets and figure out a lot of lies in their journey to stay together.

Also, you have to be prepared to their royal language and to stuff like contacting your secretary so she can contact your mother’s secretary so you can just speak to your mother (like, what?!). It’s not going to make a lot of sense if you’re just a mere mortal living in 2018 like me, but I guess that’s just how the royals do it!

The Smoke and Mirrors series is an unpredictable, engaging and well-paced glimpse into the life of a princess trying to have a normal life. Filled with lies and deaths, Malpas’ most recent duet is perfect for royal romance fans.

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Jodi Ellen Malpas

Book review: Making Chase by Lauren Dane


Matt Chase wants what all his brother have: true love. Flings with some of the shallow women he’s been with are not fulfilling anymore. He wants someone to make him laugh and to build a life with. And that’s where Tate Murphy comes in…
Tate has been raising her siblings since her teen years and although Matt is exactly the man of her dreams she knows he’s never going to look at her twice. She’s not skinny and rich like the women he uses to have on his arm.

This is a really fast love, which is not really my thing. His interest for her is way too sudden which made me reticent about the story right from the beginning.

Matt: I’ll describe him real fast since I have so much to say about Tate. He’s a firefighter, good-looking and sweet.

Now, Tate: she’s really defensive and always ready to put you in your place if you so much as try to help her. She’s not used to it. She’s a strong woman who fought a lot to get her and her family to where they’re now. And her character would be just perfect if she wasn’t so victimized! They victimize a lot her which I, as a woman, really didn’t like to see. For everyone around her, she does no wrong. And I’m sorry if you’re going to be offended by what I’m about to say (write actually) but even when you hit rock bottom, you make mistakes as well and you’re still wrong sometimes. Which brings me to something else…

The story just keeps repeating itself over and over again. She’s never wrong so she’s always the one getting mad at something. So the deal is: she gets mad and he professes his love for her so she can forgive him for whatever reason made her mad in the first place. Which is tiring trust me!

On the bright side, family is the key word of this book! We have two big and strong families who come together to strengthen their love. Sometimes they fight and sometimes they fight together. The truth is, in my point of view, they’re the center of the book instead of the love story and if you’re more focused on them instead of the couple, you’ll probably going to enjoy the book a lot more.

If you’re a fan of love at first sight then, by all means, enjoy the book! But this really didn’t hit home for me. I really enjoyed the previous book of the series  Taking Chase, so it’s safe to say that you can still enjoy the rest of the series with no worries.

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Lauren Dane

Review: Handle with care by Nina Croft

Handle with Care (Saddler Cove) by [Croft, Nina]


Emily has had the hots for Tanner. But in all her twenty-four years she never had the courage to do anything about it. He’s the baddest man in town so it’s obvious that he’s never going to want nothing to do with her.
Tanner has had the hots for Emily. But in all his twenty-six years he never had the courage to do anything about it. She’s the sweet first-grade teacher so it’s obvious that she’s never going to want nothing to do with him.
Until they’re in the same room and end up with a baby on the way!

Why “Handle with care”? Because everyone thinks that Emily is a sensible and fragile woman who needs to be handled with care. Well, she’s not. She’s just afraid of taking risks after her parents’ death which I think it’s fair. I liked her. It’s a pretty relatable character given her “normal” life.

Now Tanner is the opposite. He likes to take risks so everyone thinks he’s really a bad boy, even though he’s actually sweet and kind. He was in prison for two years and now everyone in town is judging him. So the tough appearance is his way of protecting himself. Warning: sometimes you’re not going to like him because he takes his bad ways way too far.

The storyline is actually pretty cool. It is more than just about Emily and Tanner. It is also about Mimi, Emily’s grandmother and how she finds love again at the age of seventy. And there’s also a lot about people that think they have someone figured out just because if their skin color.

Highly recommend the book if you’re a fan of baby love (the pregnancy part at least) and if you like to crack a tough guy like Tanner.

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Nina Croft

Review: The real deal by Lauren Blakely

The Real Deal: A Novel by [Blakely, Lauren]


April is going home for a family reunion but she can’t go without a date. Otherwise, all her uncles are going to try and set her up with a good man from her hometown which is something she’s not interested in after her lying ex. So she needs someone to pretend to be her boyfriend so her family will be off of her back!

Theo’s dark days are over. Now he’s trying to stay clean by bartending and being your pretend boyfriend every other time. He’s still paying his debts so a gig for a few days to pretend to be April’s boyfriend is just what he needs. But don’t forget, it’s just pretending!

“Looks like I’ll be getting familiar with how to resist temptation.”

I was twenty pages in and I was already like “Ohhh I don’t want this to end”. This is contemporary romance at its finest!

“I want this woman more than I want to stay away from her.”

April is a modern woman: she left her hometown to go to the city and work on her dreams. Now she’s a body painter and life couldn’t be better if you don’t count the fact that she’s on a men diet thanks to her ex. Overall she’s a fresh person, always with a smile on her face and pretty much happy with her life!

Theo is a little less smiley since he’s still trying to keep up with what life threw at him. His parents died when he was just a kid so he and his brother had to do what they could to afford college which ended up driving them to jail.

“Oh hell.
I know why I want her to be happy.
I’m falling for her.”


Highlights of the book? Their foreplay! They’re always talking about things that happened to them in their fake relationship but sometimes they get so into it that they forget they weren’t actually together and those things actually never happened. You know when you’re reading something and you’re like “Isn’t it hot in here?”? That’s exactly how they felt when they were talking about their fake memories.

“Do you remember that time we met and fell in love in just four days?”

I really really loved this! It’s a fresh story with fresh and young characters and some sexy scenes. It’s nothing revolutionary so you already know how it goes but it isn’t any less good because of that.

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Lauren Blakely

Review: Happily never after by Emma Robinson

Happily Never After: A laugh out loud romantic comedy by [Robinson, Emma]


Rory doesn’t believe in happily ever after because otherwise, she wouldn’t have an ex-husband by now. After the divorce she’s trying to get back on her own feet and buying a house to live with her daughter is the perfect first step. A house that needs a lot of work and know-how that she doesn’t have but John Prince does. The builder who besides generous is also good looking and is more than willing to help her with her house.

This was so so boring. You know when you’re expecting romance but you have to read 250 boring pages to get 1 final page of romance? Because that’s exactly what you will find in here. There’s no chasing or fighting or so much as freaking kissing until the very end! And I’m sorry if this is some kind of a spoiler but imagine reading a romance book and the romance you get is one single and very fast kiss at the very end of the book! I mean, no thanks!

Regarding the author and the writing style. Well, this was my first book by Emma Robinson and as much as I didn’t like the story, I have to admit that the writing style is quite enjoyable and easygoing. It is just not fast-paced [insert woman shrugging emoji].

On the bright side, the book gets extra points for mentioning Ronaldo that, for those who don’t know, is a very well known football player from Portugal (my country).

So, if, like me, you’re here for the romance, forget about it. This book is not for you. But, if you enjoy an easy reading without a big love story and if you’re more keen on family stuff, well then, this is exactly what you should be reading right about now!

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Emma Robinson