Review: Lovely little liar by J. Kenner

Lovely Little Liar (Blackwell-Lyon Book 1) by [Kenner, J.]


Pierce likes women. It’s just something that he can’t deny. So on yet another date created by an app, he finds himself in front of the best pair of legs he has ever seen. Only to then find out that she was not the woman he was supposed to meet with, but someone looking to hire his security services. However, he can’t forget her or ignore the fact that she might actually be in danger. So he follows her, promising himself that he just wants her for a night and then it will be all about business. But he knows pretty well that one night with her will never be enough.

So, let’s cut the chase. It’s J. Kenner we’re talking about here. So it’s obvious that the book was simply awesome. As usual. So if you’re a fan of her work, you can just go straight to the bottom of this page and add the book to your TBR.

If you’re new here and you don’t know Kenner’s work let me do the honors: her books are sexy, her characters are intense, her writing style is very simple and the storyline is always, and I mean always, engaging.

This is a short story. You can read this book in less than 3 hours. The storyline is not something that we haven’t read before but who cares? It’s still amazing! At first, Pierce only wants her for a night, then he’s more focused on getting hired to be her and her sister’s security, and finally, he wants forever. They both have a few issues due to previous relationships keeping them from giving in without a second thought.

So, I highly recommend it if you’re already a fan or even if you don’t even know who J. Kenner is because since it is a pretty short story you can get a good look at her style without losing too much time.

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Lovely Little Liar (Blackwell-Lyon Book 1)
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Review: Exclusive/ A touch of heaven


Exclusive is all about a worldwide famous mystery writer who managed to keep his identity unknown but now wants to be interviewed by Taylor. The magazine where she works got a contract detailing how she would have to go to his place for two whole weeks to do the interview. But when she gets there, it’s not the mysterious Jonathan Wade she finds, it’s Mike, her long lost friend who’s also the author’s assistant.

A Touch of Heaven features Regan and Sawyer. Regan’s mother won a home makeover which is something that Regan is not really happy about because it’s just one more thing helping her mother sell her childhood home. She hates losing that house and hates even more the man changing it, Sawyer Bennet.

So, in case you’re confused like I was, these are two completely different and independent stories. You can read just one of them or you can read both if you fancy it without a specific order. They’re kind of two short stories. Which are perfect for those days where you have a few hours free and you want something to make you happy without compromising do a deep and dramatic story. This is light, cute, sexy and fast!

All that I would advise you was to not expect something really elaborate because that is not the intent of any of these stories.

Exclusive is a second-chance romance whilst A Touch of Heaven is an enemies-to-lovers romance but they are both pretty simple yet engaging. If I had to choose, I would say that A Touch of Heaven is my favorite mainly because of its ending. It’s just so endearing and perfect!

Between the second chance romance and the enemies-to-lovers story, Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven is an easy, fast and most of all endearing read! Recommend it to any fan of short romance stories. 

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Review: Dixbury does talent by Maxine Sinclair

Dixbury Does Talent by [Sinclair, Maxine]


Amy just got dumped: her husband has found someone else. She’s heartbroken and all she wants to do is stay at home and cry. Until Gloria, one of the clients of her hair salon, suggest she goes to a local adult ballet class. She’s unsure at first but ends up going and having a blast.

SO, this as supposed to be a comedy according to the book’s description. Given that, the first thing I have to say about his book is, there’s no comedy whatsoever. There’s nothing funny about it honestly.

The story is just “blah”. There’s nothing for you to guess or to question or ven think about. The story just goes and goes without nothing exciting actually happening. This is a (turtle-kind-of)-slow-paced story which is the worst thing that can ever happen to me because I can’t get invested in the book and so I end up  on Instagram or Pinterest every five minutes.

Honestly, besides that, I don’t have much more to say. Love is pretty much nonexistet which is the opposite of what I enjoy in a book.

Overall I would recommend this if you fancy some drama and you’re content without the romance and expectation (suspense). On the other hand, if you’re like me, I would strongly advise you to just skip this read.

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Dixbury Does Talent: A feel good romantic comedy of love, life, laughter...and dancing!

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Maxine Sinclair

Review: Love in Catalina Cove by Brenda Jackson

Love in Catalina Cove by [Jackson, Brenda]


Vashti’s life has been a rocky one. At sixteen she got pregnant but she never admitted who the father was, which was enough for the little town of Catalina Cove to be against her. To protect her, her parents took her to a home for unwed mothers and left her there alone until the baby was born. Only to die a few hours after being delivered. Later on in life, Vashti got married to Scott only to be cheated on. Now, at the age of thirty-two, with her divorce finalized, she’s inheriting her aunt’s B&B in Catalina Cove. After being so mistreated in that town, there’s no way she’s coming back there, so selling the B&B seems to be the only way to go.

But she can’t because the town doesn’t want her too. With that, she has no other way than to come back to Catalina Cove and reopen the B&B. Back in her hometown, she finds herself drawn to Sawyer, the Sherriff, in inexplicable ways.

Gotta be honest, this is not my favorite book of Brenda Jackson. And here’s why: the sex scenes sounded a little forced. It’s not the worst thing ever but I feel like they don’t sound very real. Their attraction is something they never experienced before; so strong and new and as I already said, inexplicable, so I was expecting something a little bit better.

On the bright side, I loved loved loved the storyline. There are a lot of secrets that you never even imagined were a possibility. For real, when you think you have it all figured out already, trust me, you haven’t because there’s still something that you haven’t found out yet! And the thing is, as unbelievable as that sounds, the story is not farfetched at all! It all makes sense and honestly, given what I see in the news nowadays, it is really close to reality.

This is a really character-focused kind of book, Ashti being the main character in this story. We get to see a lot of her pain, especially about the baby that she lost before she could even meet. We also get to see her struggle in starting a new relationship after the most important ones in her life went down so bad.

Overall, I’m not too fond of the writing style in this one, even though the storyline is actually quite good!

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Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove #1)

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Brenda Jackson

Review: The memory of you by Jamie Beck

The Memory of You (Sanctuary Sound Book 1) by [Beck, Jamie]


Ten years ago Steffi left Ryan and her hometown behind so she could explore what life could give her. Now, ten years later, she’s back home trying to get her life back on track after going through a brutal assault. Along with her roommate, she’s running a remodeling business and her most recent job is on Ryan’s mother’s house. Which is completely fine because he’s now a married man, living in Boston with his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

Or maybe not… because he’s actually back.

I don’t know how Jamie does it, but I cry with every story she writes. She has a way with words! Seriously, sometimes I think I can feel my heart hurting!

This is a character-focused kind of story, mainly about Steffi. She went through a lot of bad stuff: lost her mom when she was young and was brutally assaulted which left her with some very much deep scars, inside and out. She has a lot of memory lapses and can’t really remember what happened when she was assaulted. Besides that, sometimes she zones-out, going back in her head to the moment she was assaulted, but as soon as she gets back to reality, she can’t remember what she just remembers. Too confusing? Well, imagine living inside her head.

I really liked her story because, with Steffi’s character, Jamie went about some serious problems that a lot of people, especially women, go through. I can’t tell you exactly what the main issue is because that would be a major spoiler, but all I can say is that it is a very real problem and that it is really well written, meaning, you won’t get uncomfortable reading about it.

The only thing that wasn’t exactly how I would like it to be was the end of the book. I think the final part could have been a lot more developed and to a deeper level. The way they uncover the main issue and how they dealt with them is way too quick. At least for me anyway.

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The Memory of You (Sanctuary Sound, #1)

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Jamie Beck

Review: Lost with me by J. Kenner


Nikki and Damien have been living the happiest of lives, from the love of their daughters to the passion between their sheets, there’s nothing that could break the Stark Family. Or perhaps it could. When secrets and dangers start rising, they have to put their life on the line for their family and pray for all to be alright in the end.

First things first, let’s clear some issues. Am I tired of Damien and Nikki’s story? Hell no! Did I miss Nikki and Damien? Hell yes! I know some people have had enough of this story but to all the people out there that, like me, loooooove their story, here’s to another amazing book!

This book starts off probably two years after Anchor Me, I think. Their youngest daughter, Anne, is now two and their oldest, Lara, is four years old. Nikki is opening a new office for her team and Damien is, well, Damien is running his billionaire universe as usual.

“Even after so many years together – even after two children and sleepless nights and toddler tantrums – it only takes a word from Damien to melt me.”

I don’t know exactly how to explain this but, for those of you who are familiar with their story, this is kind of no different from the previous books but at the same time, totally different. What I mean is, as usual, there’s someone trying really hard to ruin their perfect life, and that’s basically the part that we’re used to. But what it is totally different in this book is their family. We’re only used to being Nikki and Damien, but now we also have two little girls, so their dynamic is a little different. So, if you’re worried that this book will be the exact same thing of the last two books, don’t worry, it’s not.


What still does not disappoints is their need for each other. Nikki always goes to Damien when life is too hard on her and in Lost With Me it’s no different. And here I feel like I should warn you of Nikki’s vulnerability in this book. We already know that she’s kind of needy and I know that that’s something that bothers some of the female readers because Nikki can be seen as a weak character.

Sex scenes are still a hit in this book, although they’re rarer than in the previous books I would say. They’re also less descriptive but there’s still a lot of teasing, enough to keep your sexy mind happy!

Honest to god, when I was reading the book, through one of their hardest times I thought to myself “I wish I could see Damien’s POV on this”. Because he’s so intense and keeps so many secrets from Nikki that I really wanted to see what went through his head in some specific moments. So you don’t know how happy I got when I got to the end of the book and read Damien’s book’s blurb coming out January 2019. Seriously, I’m dying here!

For those who never heard of Damien’s and Nikki’s story, you should check my previous reviews of the books Release meClaim meComplete me and Anchor me.

I read this in like, five hours, give or take. The suspense works like perfect glue, you won’t be abandoning the book until you’re finished, trust me! Overall this is a perfect addition to the series, full of love, sexy with some heart-wrenching moments and a mystery to solve! Highly recommend the entire series!

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Lost With Me (Stark Trilogy, #5)

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J. kenner


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Review: A brand new ending by Jennifer Probst


Ten years ago they ran away together to Hollywood to chase their dreams. The same dreams that kept them apart for eight long years. Ophelia’s dream didn’t work out but Kyle’s did. So she came back home without so much as a goodbye and started running her mother’s B&B. And now he’s back, asking for a second chance.

So this is the kind of second chance romance that you can’t just not love. Believe me, you can try your hardest, you won’t dislike A Brand New Ending.

I loved Kyle. Like, big time. I mean, how can you not love a man that is writing a book about his love that he lost and wants back? You can’t! Besides that, he’s kind of a man that always says the sweetest things. It’s like every time he’s talking he’s writing a book. He’s really charming and sexy and most of all caring. He always wanted to be a writer and he worked hard towards his dream and now he’s really successful.


Ophelia is more of a hometown girl. Even though at the time they ran away she wanted to be a singer, her life back in Hollywood was not a good experience so she lost the desire to be a famous singer. At the time Kyle was not really supporting her since his life in Hollywood was great, and so she came back home to run her mom’s B&B and now she’s really happy doing that. The only missing part to a puzzle of happiness is Kyle, the only man she ever really loved.

Their current situation is pretty much him groveling hard, trying to get on her good side. So just imagine, both living under the same roof for a few months. She thinks they won’t even see each other living at the B&B but we all know that’s not true.

Fun, emotional and sweet – all the things a second-chance romance needs. This is a perfect winter read. Highly recommend it!

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