Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl
Ann Marie Walker – Black tie optional
Ann Walker – Hot pursuit
B. A. Paris – Traz-me de volta | Bring me back
Beth Kery – Behind the curtain
Brenda Novak – Until you loved me
Brenda Jackson – Best laid plans
C. D. Reiss – Bodyguard
Christina Lauren – Love and other words
Christina Lauren – My favorite half-night stand
Debbie Macomber – Merry and bright
Delancey Stewart – Mr. Big
Elle Kennedy – Midnight target
Georgia Cates – Dear agony
Harper Sloan – Cowboy up
Harper Sloan – Kiss my boots
Harper Sloan – Lost rider
Helen Hardt – Unraveled
Helen Hardt – Shattered
Helen Hardt – Surrender
Helen Hoang – A fórmula do amor | The kiss quotient
Isabelle Ronin – Chasing red
Jamie Beck – All we knew
Jamie Beck – When you knew
Jennifer Probst – All or nothing at all
Jessica Lemmon – Arm candy
Jessica Lemmon – Eye candy
Jessica Lemmon – The bastard billionare
Jessica Lemmon – The billionaire bachelor
Juno Dawson – Limpa | Clean
J. Kenner – Anchor me
J. Kenner – Complete me
J. Kenner – Lost with me
J. Kenner – Release me
J. Kenner – Wicked torture
K. A. Linde – The Wright boss
K. A. Linde – The Wright brother
Katherine Center – How to walk away
Kendall Ryan – The house mate
Kylie Scott – Trust
Lauren Blakely – The real deal
Lauren Layne – Hot asset
Lauren Layne – I knew you were trouble
Lexi Blake – Revenge
Liane Moriarty – Pequenas grandes mentiras | Big little lies
Liz Talley – Come home to me
Louise Bay – The british knight
Louise Bay – Park avenue prince
Lorelei James – When I need you
Lori Foster – Close contact
Lori Foster – Fast burn
Lori Foster – When Bruce met Cyn
Lori Foster – Worth the wait
Marit Weisenberg – Select
Melissa Foster – Love like ours
Melissa Foster – the real thing
Meredith Wild – The red ledger reborn
Meredith Wild – The red ledger
Pepper Winters – The boy and his ribbon
Roni Loren – The ones who got away
Samantha Chase – One more moment
Samantha Young – Every little thing
Sarah Morgan – Christmas ever after
Sarah Morgan – New York actually
Sidney Halston – Make me stay
Sydney Landon – Keeping it hot


Ainslie Paton – Fool me forever
Anna Bell – It all started with a tweet
Anna Todd – After
Brenda Jackson – Love in catalina cove
Brenda Novak – Take me home for Christmas
Christi Barth – Trying it all
Emily Giffin – Até que ele nos separe | Something Borrowed
H. L. Karhoff – Spiraling
Helen Hardt – Twisted
Jamie Beck – The promise of us
Jamie Beck – The memory of us
Jayne Ann Krentz – Promire not to tell
Jessica Lemmon – Man candy
Jessica Lemmon – The billionaire next door
Jill Shalvis – Holiday wishes
Jill Sanders – Closer to you
J. Kenner – Lovely little liar
J. Kenner – Claim me
Kendall Ryan – The room mate
K. I. Lynn – Becoming Mrs. Lockwood
Lauren Dane – Taking chase
Lauren Layne – Hard sell
Lori Foster – Hard justice
Lori Foster – Under pressure
Lorelei James – All you need
Lynsey James – A winter’s wish come true
Louise Bay – Hopeful
Mary Burton – Cut and run
Marit Wiesenberg – Select four
Megan Hart – Wicked attraction
Megan Hart – Dangerous promise
Ninca Croft – Handle with care
P. J. Fox – Fallen
Raul Minh’Alma – Foi sem querer que te quis
Roni Loren – The one you fight for
Ruth Cardello – Hollywodd
Samantha Chase – Exclusive / A touch of heaven
Samantha Chase – Suddenly mine
Sarah Morgan – Holiday in the Hamptons
Sarina Bowen – Pipe dreams
Shelli Stevens – One more round
Shelli Stevens – Straight, no chase
Sophia Ryan – Only forever
Tara Sivec – In beth with the beast
Terri Osburn – The last in love
Zara Stoneley – The wedding date


Amity Hope – The rules of rebellion
Caroline Kepnes – You
C. D. Reiss – Bombshell
Colleen Coleman – One way or another
Denise Grover Swank – Blazing summer
E. L. James – O senhor | The mister
Georgia Hill – Spring beginnings
Jill Sanders – Never let go
Joy Penny – Touch of fondness
Juliana Haygert – Dazzle me
Julie James – The thing about love
Julie Garwood – Wired
Kendall Ryan – The play mate
Laura Scott – To love
Maxine Sinclair – Dixbury does talent
R. Akerlund – I am Ed
Samantha Chase – Until there was us
Susan Mallery – Almost perfect


Emma Robinson – Happily never after
Lauren Dane – Making chase