Review Policy

I am currently accepting ARC copies or review requests of books that are already out. All you have to do is contact me via e-mail (Contact Page) and I will reply to you personally as soon as I can.

I accept physical copies or e-books (preferably physical copies) and I will be posting my review here on my blog as well as any other website by request (except AMAZON). Note that I’m also open to posting my reviews in Portuguese.

Favorite Genres:
Young adult
Adult fiction

Rating system

(only applicable to reviews posted after 20th february 2018)
★★★★★ – One of my favorites, I will definitely read it again!
★★★★ – I really enjoyed it.
★★★ – Almost there.
★★ – I really did not like it.
★ – I’m sorry but I couldn’t even finish it.